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How much automobile insurance is the right amount of insurance to have? A minor accident (property damage only with no injuries) can cost on average between $500 and $1500.

An accident involving extensive property damage and bodily injury, disability or death can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Even if you are not at fault, you may be required to pay your deductible to have your car repaired if the other party doesn’t have insurance.

If you are found liable for the accident you could be responsible for the other party’s damages for anything your auto insurance doesn’t cover. Florida law requires an owner or lessee of an automobile to carry, at a minimum, $10,000 property damage liability and Personal Injury Protection. Beyond these minimum limits, how much coverage should you carry?

Liability insurance provides you with essential protection against loss of home, savings, and income if you become involved in a serious auto accident. Therefore, you need to have enough auto insurance coverage to protect all of your financial assets. The Zinsmeister Agency can help you determine the correct amount of coverage to protect you and our family.

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What is the right amount of auto insurance for you?

When determining the correct amount of car, truck or SUV insurance, you should consider your total net worth. In the event of an accident, your net worth and future earnings could be at stake.

If you are underinsured and sued by the other party, you may have to personally pay the injured party anything above and beyond what your insurance policy pays. If your vehicle is financed or leased, the bank is going to require, in most cases, that you carry comprehensive and collision coverage.

Personal injury protection (PIP) is required in the state of Florida. PIP will pay a percentage of medical bills and lost wages incurred from a covered loss regardless of fault in the accident. PIP and Property Damage Liability are mandatory coverages in the State of Florida.

Below is a list of terms and coverages available and what they mean to you:
Liability protection pays others the amounts for which you become legally liable due to an auto accident. This may include drivers, passengers or pedestrians. You also receive coverage for payments of amounts for which you are found liable for damage to another’s property as the result of an auto accident. This also pays for legal defense costs if you are sued.
Medical payments protection pays reasonable medical expenses for you or members of your family if you are injured in an auto accident, or as a pedestrian, are struck by an auto. This protection is extended to others who are injured while occupying your auto.
Uninsured motorist protection provides bodily injury coverage for accidents caused by a hit-and-run driver or uninsured driver which occurs when you or your family are driving a covered auto, or while you are a pedestrian.
Underinsured motorists coverage pays for damage you are legally entitled to recover from another party when that person’s liability insurance is not adequate to cover your loss.
Personal injury protection provides coverage for injury, death, loss of services, and loss of income suffered by you, your covered passengers, or covered family members (for those who reside in states with no-fault insurance laws.)
For your vehicle
Collision protection protects you from loss caused by damage to your auto by collision with another object.
Comprehensive protection pays for other losses to your auto. Included is damage or loss to your auto caused by fire, theft, glass breakage, falling objects, natural disasters, vandalism, and other causes of loss.
Towing and labor costs coverage to pay for emergency repairs and/or towing when your vehicle breaks down.
Rental reimbursement for the expense of renting a substitute vehicle when there is a loss to yours.