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Life and Health Insurance

You have thought about what you’re having for dinner and what chores you have to do this weekend, but have you about what your family would do if something happened to you.  Your decision concerning your life and health insurance could be one of the most pivotal choices you make for you and your family.  

Life insurance policies have many options.  The least expensive of which is term insurance.  Term insurance covers you for the face amount of the policy over a certain period of time as long as the premiums are paid.  Many term policies also have the ability to be changed to a Whole life or Universal life policy.   Term Insurance gives you the flexibility to change it as your family’s needs change.

A more permanent policy is Whole life or Universal life policy.  These policies build cash value over time and can be borrowed against should the need arise.  Whole and Universal life polices offer not only the death benefit but can be an important part of your financial planning for many years to come since the cash value could be used for college tuition for a child or the down payment of a new home.

Health insurance is the topic of many conversations today.  Having a plan that covers you and your family can keep you from financial ruin should an illness present itself that requires extended treatment.  Medicare and Medicaid supplements, gap policies and personal health insurance should be items of concern for your family. 

Why leave your family’s future security open to chance?  Talk with Zinsmeister Insurance today regarding you and your family’s needs and let us help you build a secure future for your family.