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Commercial Policies

Zinsmeister Insurance has been a member of the local business community since
1981. With our local knowledge and experience, who better to help you
determine the everyday risk of running your business? We offer a full line of
commercial insurance products from a simple general liability policy to extensive
commercial package policies. Whether you're a one man operation or a multimillion
dollar business, Zinsmeister Insurance is here to listen to your concerns,
make recommendations, and advise you every step of the way, leaving you free
to manage your business.

Below is a list of coverage that you should consider when purchasing insurance

Commercial General Liability

A general liability policy covers the business for damages that the business could
be held legally liable for. General liability is the minimum coverage any business
should carry.

Commercial Property Insurance

Property insurance covers items like your building, tools, office furniture and
fixtures, signs and landscaping. Property insurance has deductibles similar to a
homeowners policy in that a separate hurricane deductible applies or you can
exclude wind coverage altogether.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Do you drive only to and from the office in your car or truck or do you run
errands, go to appointments, and take inventory to other locations? If the latter
is the case, you may need a commercial auto policy to cover yourself, your
employees and your business. If you or an employee are driving for business
purposes and are involved in an accident, the business could be held responsible
for the actions of the driver. Without a commercial auto policy, you may not have
coverage for this type of loss and the business would be at risk of being sued.

Commercial Liability Umbrella

A commercial liability umbrella protects you in the event of a claim and the
coverage limits from the general liability policy are depleted. Similar to a personal
liability umbrella, the commercial umbrella protects the business's assets.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers camp insurance is coverage for the business should an employee
become injured while in the scope of his/her job.


A bond is a financial guarantee to protect you in the event a contract, promise, or
event is not completed as originally intended. There are two types of bonds.
Surety bonds protect you as described above. Fidelity bonds protect the employer
against dishonest acts by their employees.

There are many variations and uses of these bonds. If you are asked to furnish a
bond for any reason, contact the Zinsmeister agency to guide you through the